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Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Growth in Your Home Improvement Business

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Learn the Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Growth in Your Home Improvement Business. The home improvement market is set to explode. Ryan Paul Adams takes you through some key tips in our recent webinar to help you learn how you can prepare for real growth in your home improvement business and set yourself up for long term success and increased revenue. Learn more about home improvement marketing.

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Slide Transcript

5 Ways to Prepare Your Home Improvement Business for Growth
— Presentation Transcript

1. 5 Things You NEED to Do to Prepare for Growth in YourHome Improvement Business Presented by Ryan Paul Adams
3. Ryan Paul Adams CEO – PME 360
• Working on growing businesses since 2005
• Been in the internet marketing world for 8+ years
• Successfully launched 4 companies
• Helped generate millions in additional revenue for local businesses in a wide variety of industries with a focus on the home improvement market
• SEMPO Certified Advanced SEO Specialist, Google Analytics & Adwords Certified
• Invested over $100,000+ and 6,000 hours in advanced education in business, sales, and marketing over the past 8 years.
4. Preparing for Growth in Your Home Improvement Business Top Five Ways
• Focus on One Thing at a Time
• Know What is “Good Enough”
• Become the Go-To Industry Expert
• Put On a Show
• Create Systems
5. Why I Love the Home Improvement Market in 2012 and Beyond
• An estimated 21 million homeowners will undertake about 30.7 million home repair, maintenance, and remodeling projects in 2011, spending $185 billion in the process.
Source: Profile America
6. Why I Love the Home Improvement Market in 2012 and Beyond
High Ticket Sales in a Growing Market with Very Few Competitors Willing to Do the “Right” Things to Grow
Source: Profile America
7. Home Improvement Activity Highest in Seven Years
• According to Consumer Reports Article on Nov 2, 2012 – "As owners become more confident that investments in housing will hold their value, they are beginning to undertake projects to improve their comfort that they had been putting off.“ – George Moore, Jr NAHB remodelers chairman.
• Growth was seen in all three indicators of market conditions: maintenance and repairs rose to 56 (from 50), minor additions and alterations to 51 (from 47) and major additions and alterations to 49 (from 42). Projects that cost $25,000 or more are still lagging behind smaller renovations and repairs but are showing strength.
8. So What?
• Growing Market + Great Company to Capture Market Share = Wealth Creation
• Have to Focus, Market, Scale and Deliver to Capture this Growth
The Opportunity to Make Lots of $$$ and Build a Great Business is There, so Stop Delaying!
Money Loves Speed.
9. Focus onONE Thing at a Time
10. Business Owner Conundrum
• Responsible for everything
• Lack of direction, Overwhelmed
Multitasking; by Work Trying to Do focus and delegation to be Done Everything
• Passion for business is lost or misplaced
• Mentally drained and ineffective Diminished Productivity;
• Poor business model
Accomplishing Nothing
11. Focusing On Single Tasks
• Eliminate distractions (email, cell phone, open-door policies)
• Focus on doing one task until complete
• Do not expect perfection
12. Know When Something is“GOOD ENOUGH”
13. What is “Good Enough?”
• Perfection is time consuming, often Just Okay unattainable
• 80-90% perfect = good enough Good Enough
• Cost/benefit analysis of perfection vs. time wasted
• Save perfection for Perfection when it really counts (don’t bother)
14. Become anEXPERT in your field
15. Becoming an Expert
• Importance of creating consistent quality content
• Write a book (or shook, or eBook)
• Leverage social media channels
• Think outside the box with podcasts, webinars, “how-to” videos and tutorials or radio shows
• Dominate the knowledge base in your industry
16. Put On aSHOW
17. Put On a Show
• Define your niche
• Act like you’ve been there
• Sell the lifestyle
• Be memorable
18. Create & Improve SYSTEMS
19. Create and Improve Systems
• Make a list of everything you do and how
• Get together with your team and “poke holes” in it
• Test it
• Refine it
• Repeat
20. Finally….Mentality for Growth Must Have It!
21. You Have to Want to Grow!
• Staying where you are is NOT good
• Get out of the craziness and chaos by growing
• Growth allows you to: hire more people, get stuff off your plate, re-invest in your product and processes, and achieve your “big dreams”
• Business is NOT static. It’s dynamic.
• If you don’t grow, your competitors will
22. Limited time complimentary offer for all listeners:“30-Min Strategy Session of your business. Email Ryan for more information (radams@pme360.com).

Thank youRyan Paul Adams
23. Questions? Next Webinar:How to Grow in Any Market

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