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Are You in the Remodeling Business? Your Industry is on the Verge of Explosive Growth!

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I have felt for awhile now that the home remodeling business was on the verge of exploding.  People are settling into their homes for the long haul vs building or buying a new home, baby boomers are inheriting billions and reinvesting in their homes, the lending environment is improving, and confidence is increasing in adding value back into our homes. The combination is a recipe for explosive growth and one of the reasons why we are focusing our entire internet marketing agency and our marketing and consulting products in this segment. Traditionally remodeling companies are not great marketers and most lack even basic business systems. But those remodeling companies who put in the work, focus in and become great at selling one thing, and re-invest in their businesses  (great marketing, improve business systems, automate processes, etc), are poised to become millionaires over the next few years. I guarantee it.  Consumer Reports just put out this great article that every remodeling company or person considering the remodeling industry should read. ConsumerReports.org By Mary H.J. Farrell | ConsumerReports.org – Fri, Nov 2, 2012 11:46 AM EDT An important indicator of remodeling robustness jumped five points this past quarter, climbing back to 2005 levels, according to the National Association of Home Builders. The Remodeling Market Index hit 50, meaning that more contractors are reporting higher activity than lower, compared with three months ago. The activity was particularly strong in owner-occupied homes, indicating that homeowners are regaining confidence in the value of their houses. Read the Full Article Here

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