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PPC Campaigns – 6 Ways To Ensure Success

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When conducting a search with a search engine, it will bring you both paid and organic results. Paid results are obtained through Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns and the organic results come through search engine optimization (SEO).

Research has shown us that savvy consumers put more value on the top results listed among the organic search results. However if your site is showing up around the 7th result then a well placed PPC ad will be more successful. Either way, pairing PPC and SEO will give you the best opportunity for success.

There are 6 important ways to make sure your PPC campaign works well.

1. Have a Plan - Outlining your objectives and expectations for your PPC campaign before it starts is a must. Your PPC campaign should also tie in with the branding and marketing efforts for your company and other advertising efforts.

2. Choose Keywords - Keyword selection is imperative for a successful PPC campaign. Keywords should not necessarily be chosen by what words relate to your service but rather by what consumers would be searching for if they were in need of your services and products. Think like your potential customer and you will find your keywords.

3. Limit Copy - PPC ads are small. There is very little space to capture the searcher. Give them your name and why they need you in clean and precise copy.

4. Welcome Visitors - Adjust your website and landing pages to be user friendly. You do not want to greet someone searching for your product or service with a slow loading overly busy website that is overwhelming to look at. Clean up your site and make it user friendly before you start paying to have people click through to see it.

5. Emphasis On User-Friendly - Simplify the process for your users. No one likes online shopping on a confusing site that is difficult to navigate. Prepare for your online visitors and tailor their experience to be effortless and enjoyable.

6. Watch & Analyze Your Campaign - If you are using the bid system for your PPC campaign then you need to analyze and monitor your keywords and ads constantly. Watch what is working and what seems to need some work. Understand what words seem more successful and try to determine how you can alter your campaign for the best success.

A PPC campaign is a lot of work but putting in the time is sure to bring a big reward.

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