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Online Display Advertising Has Many Types. Which One Will Work For Your Business?

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Online display ads or Content Network advertising, has proven effective even if the visitor does not click through the ad the first time they see it. In fact display ads often have a low number of clicks but still manage to generate nearly a 50% increase in website visitation on average.

When deciding to run a display ad campaign, consider these types of display advertising strategies:

1. Category
Categorize your product or service in an area like baby products, women's footwear, home appliances, etc. When you've decided what category you fall into put your display ads on sites that also fit in this category such as a baby web store, shoe site or house building sites. This targets your audience more effectively.

2. Contextual
Take category advertising one step farther and combine it with contextual advertising. To do this you would place your ad on a website that has content that corresponds with your product or service. An example of this would be an online car discussion group, or a mother's organization/scheduling website.

3. Retargeting
Retargeting takes display advertising to a more targeted level. A re-targeted display ad takes note that you visited Amazon.com earlier in your web browsing by placing a “cookie” on your computer. This is completely safe and will not interrupt your web browsing. As you move along with your internet usage a display ad for Amazon will appear on another site. Consider it a follow-up for consumers who have visited your site. This is more expensive than the average display ad but the value is definitely greater.

4. Behavioral
In this type of display ad your online habits are recorded in your cookies. If someone has been searching several different websites for information on bankruptcy law then you can target them as a viable lead and put a display ad for your bankruptcy law firm on a webpage they visit. This technology provides a smaller reach however the audience that sees the ad is far more qualified to act by clicking on the ad and taking action.

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