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Improve SEO – Optimize the Content On Your Website With These Easy Steps

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Search engine optimization has become a common term and business owners realize that maintaining quality SEO is the best way to ensure your website is appearing high on the results pages for searches surrounding your keywords.

Content marketing is a great component of a successful SEO campaign, both on-page and off-page. Without content (consistent, well written, unique content) it becomes very difficult to improve your rankings and organic exposure.

It’s essential that you start by optimizing the content that will be appearing on your site. Most sites can also benefit from adding regular high quality articles to either a blog or “news” section on your site.

These tips can help you optimize an article to perform at its best on your website:

1. Write about something interesting or catchy. Quality writing can grab the attention of readers even if the content is a little bland.

2. Make a list of all the keywords based on your article as well as what your business/website has to offer and use your favorite keyword research tool to find keywords that have medium to low competition level but a good amount of traffic associated with them.

3. Plant important keywords at least twice within your article. Twice is the absolute minimum. You also need to make sure keywords aren't back to back but rather throughout the article.

4. Improve "keyword density" by placing your main keyword at least once or even twice in each paragraph. Secondary keywords should appear at least once in each paragraph.

5. Don't over use keywords. There certainly can be too much of a good thing. Don't go crazy with keywords and make the article less credible and difficult to read and comprehend. Remember, you are writing for your audience, not for the search engines. Your readers come first, search engines 2nd.

The proper use of keywords can really boost your search engine ranks. Quality content boosts your reputation as an industry expert and does some heavy lifting for your SEO efforts.

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