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Finding Your Remodeling Niche is Crucial and Makes Everything Else Easier

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You want to dominate your local market, make a lot of money and get more freedom with your remodeling business? Then why on earth are you offering so many remodeling services?

I know why. I did the same thing when I started out. I felt that I needed to offer everything and be everything to everyone to pay the bills. "How can I refuse a $15,000 deck addition? The person is right here and wants me to do this. I can't say no? Can I?."

Its hard to say NO when know you can do the work but you know it's not what you are the best in the world at doing. Offering a full suit of remodeling services is extremely hard and dangerous for not only your business, but your reputation and your long term business goals.

Let's take a look at this a little closer:

The Complexity of Offering Everything in Remodeling

If you are currently a full scale remodeler, someone who does everything and offers everything, your business is probably in danger. You probably aren't making enough money, you are working long hours, you are still heavily involved in every project, and your team is making lots of mistakes on the job.

Sound about right?
If it doesn't keep reading anyway, but if it does here is why you are in this situation.

First, remodeling work is not easy to begin with. There is a lot to it, and every project is somewhat custom. I don't care if you are replacing a roof, or installing new windows, remodeling a basement, adding on a deck...every single job is a little different. You are already in a business that is hard to scale and create efficiencies in.

Second, you need a lot of money to market a full scale remodeling company. Every service you offer, you are competing with the businesses who focus on doing one thing and they will most likely be able to do that one thing waaaaaaaay better than you.

Guess who's marketing dollars are going to have more impact and go further? The business who is focused and can dedicate all their effort to one area of remodeling. There are millions of dollars to be made every year in just about every corner of the country doing just one thing. But it's hard to draw that line in the sand and say "Enough! We are only doing this one thing, and the rest we are stopping today!."

Third, you need a great team to deliver high quality services when offering everything. You really need someone who is great at each service you offer and can master that division. You need to build systems, checklists, and follow ups for every service. Some are similar and can follow the same system, but projects like a basement remodel vs installing a new roof are so different it isn't even funny.

Dividing up your team into "Kitchen Division" and "Exterior Division" is crucial, but again, to build this kind of team takes a lot of time and money. If you have the money and can build a great team, by all means, you can succeed being a full scale remodeling provider. If not, you better quickly decide what you can do tomorrow really well and start weeding out the rest of your service line.

If you don't have a lot of capital, your cash flow is tight or non-existent, and you want more freedom and scalability in your business, find 1 thing you can do extroadinarily well and do that. You might have to expand your target radius a bit if you live in a sparsely populated area, but I would much rather see people do that then be everything to everyone.

Read on the next part of finding your niche, and Why Your Uniqueness is Lost When You Aren't Focused.

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