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Facebook Deals and What It Means For You

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Facebook's New Mobile Application Facebook Deals Adds A New Benefit To Social Media Marketing.

Businesses are finding more ways to capitalize on the merging of mobile marketing and social media together. Smartphone users view their emails on their phones and most users now access their social sites the same way. This has changed the way we send out messages and communicate with our friends, family, and clients so that they can also be viewed on cell phone screens. Text messaging has also given a new opportunity to stay in contact with cell phone users.

Facebook launced Facebook Deals just 6 weeks ago. This is a new application that targets smartphone users and is making a strong push for Facebook to enter into the multi billion dollar online coupon space. Currently it only works for computer users, Android and iPhone users, but will eventually become available to all cell phone users.

This application works in conjunction with Facebook's Places application. When a Facebook user identifies their physical location Facebook Deals will search for discounts and sales in close proximity to that place.

Deals will only show up for businesses that have a Facebook business page that the smartphone user has said they 'like'. So, when a user indicates through Places that they are dining at a specific Chicago eatery Facebook Deals can kick in and let them know that the restaurant down the street is offering 1/2 price desserts and the women's boutique next door is offering 30% off all accessories.

Now a nearby fan of these establishments has a great reason to stop in even if that hadn't been part of their original plan. This also encourages businesses to increase the number of Facebook users that 'like' them. Growing this base of fans will increase the value of an application such as Facebook Deals.

There is great potential for businesses small and large to benefit from this new Facebook application. Staying current with new advances in social media marketing is imperative to continuing to help your business grow and evolve.

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