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5 Simple Secrets to Reduce Stress in Your Remodeling Business and Slow the Chaos

Nothing I am about to share with you here is rocket science. But if you apply these 5 strategies everyday in your remodeling business, I guarantee you will reduce your stress level, increase your ability to focus, and slow the chaos (or at least handle it better).

Most people who apply these 5 tips, notice almost immediate stress relief in their business and throughout their lives. NO drugs and NO expensive therapy required with these secrets to get results. 

  1. Breathe! 
    This may seem obvious, and you may have heard this before, but seriously stop right now and notice how you are breathing. I bet you your breathing is shallow. We are naturally shallow breathers and do a terrible job introducing fresh oxygen into our bodies. Becoming a deep breather is going to take some practice no different than learning how to meditate, but before reading on, take a deep breath in through nose and exhale out through your mouth (pretend you have a straw in your mouth - that is how much space I want you to release the air out of your mouth from).

    Rinse and Repeat! This is how you should be breathing all day.

    The next time you start to feel anxious and stressed out, notice your breathing. It becomes shallow and rapid and shallow breathers naturally have tense bodies which lead to stress. Stop. Get back to your breathing and get 10-15 good inhales and exhales out before continuing on with anything. Try and keep that breathing going throughout all of your tasks. Even when you are talking, you can continue to breathe in this fashion once you get use to it. 

  2. Stop Reacting in Real Time - Focus in On Critical Tasks
    While modern technology has played a big role and making us all more connected, it has also made us a society of reactors, and distracted people. With all of the different methods available (Email, Instant Messaging, Phone, Texting, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) of getting in contact with people, most of us feel that we need to respond immediately to all of these requests. Study after study has concluded that not only does responding in real time lead to severe drops in productivity, it increases stress levels. 

    Now, if you are an emergency crisis worker and lives are at stake if you don't respond quickly, obviously this tip is not meant for you. But if you are like the rest of us, in our jobs and businesses we are not dealing with life or death. So why are we acting and reacting as if we are? 

    To improve productivity and reduce stress in your business, do the following now! Most of you will resist these tips and have 100 excuses as to why you can't do them, but I suggest you try it. Try it for 1 week and see how you feel. 

    Turn off your email notifications - do not respond to email as it comes in. Designate 2 times per day where you check email and that's it. Remove email from your phone as well as it becomes too tempting when you are out of the office. So many contractors feel that they can't possibly do this and I am here to tell you that you can and you will actually be more successful if you do it this way. 

    Get Better at Limiting Your Phone Use - you have to protect and guard your time like it is the most valuable asset you have, because it is! Just because your phone rings does not mean you have to answer it. I don't care if it is your project manager, lead carpenter, supplier, client, prospect, or your spouse (ok, you probably should answer that call); STOP ANSWERING YOUR PHONE EVERYTIME IT RINGS! This is pure insanity to me and one of easiest ways to reduce stress and get more focused. 

    Every time you answer your phone you are distracting yourself from critical tasks and it takes that much longer to refocus and get back to what you were doing. The world will not end if you don't pick up the phone and your jobs will still get done, and your client will still be there tomorrow or the end of the day when you call them back. 

    And please get someone to answer your main phone for you. If you are still using your cell phone as your primary number, shame on you. There are so many affordable and highly effective answering services out there that can answer your phone if you don't have an assistant or in-house staff. These answering services start at $50/month and will make your life 1,000x's easier. 

  3. Designate 2 or 3 Blocks of Power Hours
    Most people only get about 30-45 mintues of actual productive work done every day. Designate 2 or 3 blocks of up to an hour per block as a "Power Hour". Tell your co-workers and employees not to bother you between those hours. Turn off your cell phone, office phone, social media sites, etc. Your only job during these hours is to get critical high level tasks done. 

  4. Set Expectations With Your Team and Your Clients.
    If you are working over 40 hours per week and feel like you never get a break and everyone is at you all day, you are probably the problem. Have you set clear upfront contracts/expectations with your team as to when they can call you during the day if they have an issue? Can't they formulate their thoughts and issues throughout the day and coordinate this into one 30-Minute power meeting/call with you at Noon? Empower your team to make decisions and get stuff done without you and if they really need you and they interrupt your work, it better be an emergency. 

    Same goes for your clients...why are you allowing them to call you whenever they want? Set expectations upfront. 

    "Mrs. Client, here is how I do things. Your questions and concerns are extremely important to me and I want to make sure that I get every single one of those addressed each week. Every Friday at 9AM, I designate 30-Mins for a review call with each of my clients to review your job and answer any questions. You can send me a detailed list of questions/selections/concerns on Friday morning and I will call to discuss. Please formulate your thoughts throughout the week and we can get those addressed all at the same time. Obviously, if it is an emergency that is a different story." 

    95% of your clients are completely reasonable rationale human beings and will understand this and look forward to that call on Friday. 

    5% will not understand this and hound you no matter what expectations you set. Those 5% never should have been clients to begin with but that is a different issue altogether. 

  5. Exercise 
    If you want to reduce stress in your business, your overall health plays a huge role in this. Exercising 45-minutes, 3 times per week is crucial. And sweating on the job with your contractors is not exercise so don't try and convince yourself that this is the same thing. While this might not be a huge secret to anyone, it might be a big reason why you might be stressed out. 

    Get a membership at a local gym or take a fitness class. If you join a gym, I highly suggest that you hire a personal trainer for 8 weeks minimum to get you started. A personal trainer will keep you accountable and get you in shape much faster than doing this on your own. A lot of people say they can't afford a personal trainer, but most gyms offer discounted introductory rates or small group training that is affordable for just about any full time employee or small business owner. 

    Now, if you can combine exercise with getting outside 3 times per week, even better! Getting outside and breathing some fresh air (preferably while you practice your breathing 🙂 will reduce your stress levels at work. Lunch break, coffee break, etc - get outside and breath in some fresh air. 

Well, there you have it! My 5 tips to help you reduce stress and get control over your remodeling business. These will not only reduce or eliminate stress at work, but will also improve your overall quality of life. Life is too short to live it when you are stressed out and working too much. We all need to make a living to provide for ourselves and our families but that does not mean you have to live the way you are. Implement these 5 strategies into your work life and everyday life and you will notice a a better you and a better business.

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Clear the Fear! Removing Self Doubt is Easier Said Than Done

It's amazing to me what most people really think about themselves. It's not good! Most people think very small and have a negative view of themselves and what they can accomplish. Believe me, I understand. I constantly second guess myself and question if I am really worth the money my clients are paying me or if I am good enough, smart enough, strong enough, etc to work with some of the top consultants and people in my field. This is a pretty natural instinct for most and one of the biggest hinderances I see that are holding most back from achieving real success. 

The conclusion I have come to over the past few years is that I am worth every penny of what I charge my clients and really I should charge even more. I would much rather believe this and tell myself this everyday vs the alternative. I continue to dream big and put into action new ideas and approach my business from a more entrepreneurial angle than the "I have to get all of this stuff done myself" mentality. I will get to where I want to go and choose to think more positive about my future and how big I can grow my company. Why think any other way? 

Negative Thoughts? Take Out the Mental Eraser

Negative thoughts are going to creep into your consciousness and tell you that you can't do something or shouldn't do something or aren't experienced enough to do something. Well, I am here to tell you that you need to take out that mental eraser and wipe those negative thoughts away. The #1 reason most people don't take action on great advice or breakthroughs in their life is that they talk themselves right out of it. Or the people around them talk them out of it. Self doubt and negative talk comes from a super low energy place and will make you feel awful. So why do it at all? The next time you are faced with a decision or want to try something that might improve your situation, find a way to push through and do it vs talking yourself out of it.

Randy Paush said it best, you have to "be a a Tigger, not an Eeyore." And what he meant by this is that Tigger, from the Winnie and the Pooh children's book, had a ton of energy and overly optimistic view on his life and the world around him. Eeyore did not. If you have a second, watch this video from Randy Paush. Your problems won't seem as big and it might give you some inspiration to push on through some of the issues you are dealing with in your business.

Watch the Video

Dream Big When It Comes to Your Remodeling Business

You have to dream big when it comes to your business and your life. I don't care what business you are in you have to want more out of yourself and your business each day. This doesn't mean that you constantly have to be driving yourself into the ground to push your business to new heights, but dreaming big opens up new opportunities for you vs thinking small. And the longer you think small the harder it gets to change your state of mind so start right now and list the top 5 things you ultimately could envision for your business.

Whether you believe in the power of positive thinking and manifesting or not, you know that at least you feel better when you see your life in a positive way. So stop the self doubt and start looking at everything you are doing from a more energetic place just like Tigger. 

What do you want from your business?

Is it more freedom?
How are you going to get more freedom and time off from your business and make more money?

Is it more money? 
What strategies can you put in place in the next 30-60 days that can generate more revenue? 

Is it opening up more offices? Or getting a nice showroom setup? 
What steps can you take today that could make this happen?

Is it hiring more people to take critical tasks off your plate? 
What person do you need right now to make your business run smoother? 
What is stopping you from going and finding this person?

Whatever your big vision is stop and write it down right now. Post it on a wall near your desk and review this everyday. Dream big and don't lose sight of what you really want out of this business. Running a remodeling business is extremely hard but it will get easier if you continue to work on the business vs working in the business. And if you take a more entrepreneurial approach to everything you are doing your business will open up and things will get easier. Stop being the technician and start being the entrepreneur you always dreamed you could be.

Need more help growing your remodeling business? Take advantage of all the FREE resources I have on www.RyanPaulAdams.com and download my "3 Killer Ways to Grow Your Remodeling Business" today. 

9 Innings of Inspiration and How Baseball Taught Me Life’s Most Important Lesson

We all could use a little more perspective and mental toughness in our lives as we have become a world largely made up of complainers, negative talk, and self centered individuals. Where has all the mental toughness gone? It’s not that I completely see the world in this negative light either, but I am trying to make a point. As you read on, I will reveal a few secrets that I learned as an athlete and entrepreneur and how my “9 Innings of Inspiration” taught me life’s most important lesson about mental toughness, conquering your fears, and living a life with perspective.

Your world is changing, attracting, and adapting to every thought and movement you make. Think about that for a second. This is not New Age spiritual talk or anything like that. Go take a Physics class and you can learn all the details about atoms and protons and you will get what I am saying here. Fact is the entire universe is made up of energy at at simplest form. This energy interacts with you as you sit here and read these words. How you process the information you are reading right here and now is changing your world as we speak and potentially others as well. Subtle energy shifts, but shifts nonetheless. Negative thoughts become negative actions. Same deal with positive ones.

I applied this simple truth about energy in my late teens and implemented it as a baseball player. I never went into a game or competition doubting my ability. Deep down, I truly believed I was the best player on the planet and I could succeed in every situation on the baseball field. I didn't need to tell others how good I was, I just went and did it. Some people need to talk themselves up and let the world know how good they are, but that wasn't me. I let me actions and efforts do the talking for me. You can't have doubts about who you are and what you are doing. If those thoughts creep in, slap yourself in the face and wake up. Don't let anyone rock your foundation and cause you to doubt your ability, EVER!

As I went from high school to college the competition got tougher as it does at every level of life we migrate to. Through hard work and determination I had turned myself into a pitching prospect, and to this day I attribute my success to one thing - mental toughness. Sure I worked hard and constantly pushed the limits of what I could do physically, but so did a lot of other guys. Your physical abilities will only take you so far. What set me apart from everyone else on my team and my competitors was my perspective and how it allowed me to become mentally tough in just about any situation that life throws at me. lifes

Now there is something I have never shared with anyone before today, and that was my secret to generating that inspiration, mental toughness, and “will” that every great athlete talks about. I called it my “9 Innings of Inspiration”. The core of the secret comes from knowing in thyself, not by believing. Believing in something is for people who are still not quite sure about what they know. Knowing is indisputable, concrete, set in stone thoughts that setup roots at the core of who you are.

Most athletes talk about God and how they owe it all to God. That may or may not be true, but the very knowing in their core that “something” external to them would help guide them through any tough situation was what allowed them to excel in tough situations. I didn't pray to God (I do believe in God, but that is a story for another day) I leaned on inspirational people (past and present) who I looked up. These people I have deep admiration for and helped give me perspective to get through tough situations. This can be applied to everyday life and I still use this concept in my own life today.

Here is how it worked for me. I started every game I pitched with writing my grandfather’s initials into the mound. I knew that no matter what I faced that day, he was going to be there right beside me. That strength I got from just that was probably enough to get me through any situation that was thrown at me in that game. I took that principle and took it to another level...

I also had written underneath the brim of my hat 9 people's initials, my “9 Innings of Inspiration”. One name to focus on for each inning I was about to pitch. The people in my hat were reminders of courage, adversity and how tough life can be. They were people who had faced real adversity and challenges and had made it through. I had to remind myself before each game as the nerves started to set in, that what I was doing was playing a kids game and at the end of the day, did the world stop if I failed? No. If I could draw even a fraction of the courage that these people had, I could make it through anything. This idea became part of my core.

Here are my 9 Innings of Inspiration:
1st Inning - Andrew Sorenson (my grandfather and WWII veteran)
2nd Inning - Mahatma Ghandi
3rd Inning - Martin Luther King Jr
4th Inning - Anonymous Friend (A true inspiration to me, but I didn’t feel right listing her name here without her permission)
5th Inning - Mother Theresa
6th Inning - Elie Wiesel
7th Inning - Dalai Lama
8th Inning - Alice McCauley (my great grandmother who lived to be 103. Talk about adversity and I never heard her complain one day in her life)
9th Inning - My parents (the hardest working people I know and without their sacrifices nothing I have done would have been possible)

Your list would probably look a lot different than mine and there are tons of other people who I deeply admire that should/could have been in my hat, but I only needed 9. My inspiration did not need to come from religious figures or a certain religion to inspire me. Great people are great people, no matter what classification people try to put them in.

I broke down the game by inning and never looked ahead until it was time to look ahead (when that inning I had just won/completed was over). I treated every pitch as if it was the most important, every batter I got out was a victory, and every inning I won without giving up a run was as if I had won a game within a game. Every inning, I would take my hat off and focus on the initials related to the inning I was in. For the upcoming inning, I was playing for that person and I had no intention of letting them down. I didn’t believe in those people, I knew in them. It’s a subtle difference but very impactful.

Dissecting the game like this took tremendous focus and mental fortitude but it’s what allowed me to lead the country in ERA, set records, and be consistent throughout my career despite some bad injuries and playing with a lot of pain. Again, I had to remind myself - who was I to complain about pain and adversity when my 9 initials in my hat had fought through so much more in life then I?

Ultimately, what I had was perspective at a young age. We all need this in our everyday lives. I listen to people around me complain all the time about being tired, or how they don't have this or that, they aren’t making enough money, and they are stressed out beyond belief. And believe me, I do the same things at times but I do at least try and catch myself and get back to having perspective. In reality, 99% of the problems we have are not that big of a deal, but they feel big when you are in the middle of dealing with it. It was the same way for me on the mound. I had to constantly remind myself that I was just playing a game. It was not life or death. Take a breath, focus, and get some perspective to make the next pitch.

Dig deep, find your inspiration and perspective and it will make a big difference in your life no matter what you are doing. Create your 9 Innings of Inspiration list today and find those people you can draw courage and "knowing" in. Post those somewhere so you can see them everyday and be reminded of life’s most important lesson.