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6 Tips To Get Your Google Places Listing On Top Of Local Search Results

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Google has recently introduced Google Places. This offers an enhanced method for local search. Google uses ISP information to determine the location of the person searching and the businesses complete a listing about themselves. To ensure that your Google Places listing is showing up on top of the results page you need to make sure your information is complete.

Here are the top 6 factors that influence your Places listing.

1.  Address
The physical address of your business is really important. This tells your customers where to find you and also tells Google what area you're in so that they can best help those searching for businesses like yours. If your business has many locations make sure you include them all in your Google Places listing.

2.  Contact Information
A phone number where your business can be reached is required for your Google listing. Make sure your contact information is easy to understand and includes all methods for contacting you.

3. Use Your Keywords
When preparing your listing make sure that you include your keywords in your listing title. As always using your keywords will improve your local search rank.

4. Categorize Yourself Correctly
Google Places allows you to list your business in a specific category. You are allowed 5 categories so make sure you choose the ones that best fit you.

5. Build Your Brand
Google takes into consideration how popular your business is and how many people know who you are. Building your brand awareness is a great way to improve the search results your business receives.

6. Get People Talking
Reviews of your business boost the quality of your listing. Encouraging your customers to review  your business can help you get higher in the Google results.

Besides these tips there are other factors that will contribute to your Google search engine rank. Some cannot be controlled like your physical proximity to the person searching. However your brand reputation is an important element that can be controlled. Mentions of your business on other sites and blogs will do a lot for your Google rank. The stronger your brand the better your business will do both in search engines and in daily sales/success.

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