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Selling Your Business? I Might Be Your Buyer

I am always looking for great businesses to buy. Especially those that are under marketed, have a solid reputation in the marketplace, and have an owner who wants to move onto to do something else.

If your business meets most of the following criteria, I would might be interested in talking more about buying your business:

1) $1,000,000 or more per year in gross revenue: This is just a basic guideline I follow, but is not set in stone. If you have $500,000 per year in revenue but significant cash flow, we should talk.

2) Preferably 5+ years in business: I am looking for established companies that have proven themselves. No start-ups.

3) Under marketed product or service:  You just haven't had the time or the resources to take this thing to the next level by marketing the company.

4) Company has tangible assets:  Consulting businesses and real estate agents come to mind as companies I would not be interested in buying.

5) Owner financing: I am only interested in buying businesses where the owner is interested in making more money over time vs getting paid all upfront. If you are open to owner financing some or all of the purchase or using some creativity in the deal, I am open to learning more.

6) Online and Offline businesses: Online businesses are a little tougher to buy, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't be interested in learning more. Both online and offline businesses will be considered.