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Your Uniqueness is Lost When You Aren’t Focused in Your Remodeling Business

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Offering too many remodeling services is NOT typically a good thing. And even if you are focused, chances are you have not taken the time to develop a competition crushing Unique Selling Proposition and Unique Guarantee. 

Every single service you offer needs a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and a Unique Guarantee. Again, some of your services will overlap and you can replicate some of this, but most of your services are much different animals so you can't. This is much easier to do when you are the king/queen of your market with one service but it can be done with a full scale remodeling company...if you have the time and the money$$$.

For instance, if I was developing a USP for a roofer in Denver, I might combine that with my Unique Guarantee and create 1 power message. "Providing Quality Roofs in Denver Guaranteed for 40 Years and Free Lifetime Repairs." This was something I came up with in 5 seconds, but it says a lot if you read it closely. You are more than just a "roofing company" you are the only company in Denver that provides a 40 year guarantee on your roof and free lifetime repairs to that roof you installed. You are also saying you stand behind your product 100% and are so confident in it your service and product that you will show up and make any service repairs for the life of that roof.*

If I was at a party and someone asked me what I did, I would not answer, "I am a roofer". I would repeat my power statement in some way, like "I am the CEO of XYZ Roofing - we provide quality roofs in denver with a 40 year guarantee and free lifetime repairs." The person listening would remember you vs the person who told them they were a dentist, attorney, or roofer.

Who Would You Hire for a Roof?

Who would you hire for your next roof remodel? The business that says "we do roofs in Denver" or the business with the USP/Guarantee I created above? So many remodelers get this so wrong and don't market themselves the right way. Marketing extends beyond just your materials and ads, your messaging needs to permeate your entire company, if even you are a 1 or 2 person business. Make sure your message is everywhere including your email signature, how you answer the phone, and your business cards. 

Having the right guarantee and the right message makes your sales process a lot easier as well. You, or you sales people, can easily set yourself apart from the crowd when talking with any hot prospect. Try it out, test a unique guarantee on your next site visit and see how your prospect responds to it. If it is strong enough, there is no competition at that point and the decision will be much easier for them, even if you are more expensive. 

Creating the right strategy and marketing campaigns is extremely hard to do if you are offering too many services or unless you have a large amount of capital to market each service, a great team that is highly skilled in all the areas you are offering, and you have the motor of the energizer bunny to keep everyone motivated and on task.

Don't get me wrong. I love working with big remodeling businesses that truly get how to completely dominate an entire market for all of the remodeling services they can get their hands on. But this is rare and most of you need to focus and stop the insanity of doing too many things. 

Last but not least, do you plan on selling your business at any point? If you are on the smaller side, you will never get anyone to buy what you have and your goodwill if you are too scattered. Selling a remodeling business is not easy but it can be done if you have a proven niche, systems, leads, revenue, and and a business that crushes it. Keep it simple and I guarantee you will make way more money than those that aren't.

Need more help growing your remodeling business? Take advantage of all the FREE resources I have on www.RyanPaulAdams.com and my download my "3 Killer Ways to Grow Your Remodeling Business" today. 

*Obviously, this kind of guarantee requires some thought but it can be done and at least 80% of your clients will never ask you to come back. And if a few do call you to come make a repair, so what. Build it into your price. 

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