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Are You Losing Half Your Referral Prospects in Your Remodeling Business?

Relying on referrals is NOT smart. Marketing correctly for referrals is. I often hear remodeling business owners say they invest little time or effort in marketing, instead “relying” solely on referrals. This statement … [Continue reading]

How Underestimating the True Cost of Field Labor Can Kill Profit with Melanie Hodgdon

Are you a remodeling company with plenty of work but you still can’t seem to turn a healthy profit? Taking a hard look at your labor costs is essential if you hope to stop bleeding profits. "Labor is the hardest thing to … [Continue reading]

Getting Good Referrals is an Important Part of Marketing Your Remodeling Business

Ideally, a great business is built on being great at marketing, sales, and production. Being too focused on any one of those areas would surely create a top heavy or bottom heavy business. But I would much rather have an over flow of new prospects … [Continue reading]

Effective and Simple Marketing Ideas to Use in Your Remodeling Business with Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing

Does your remodeling business do outstanding work, but still you struggle to attract new clients and new leads? Do you rely heavily on word of mouth and referrals? Kyle Hunt of Remodel Your Marketing outlines how important it is to get organized and … [Continue reading]

Remodeling Sales Slowing? Try 5 New Ideas to Dramatically Improve Sales

This may be one of those critical times that we all reach in our remodeling business where the market changes, revenue slows, and competition increases. So what do we do about it? The great business leaders of our times have all been … [Continue reading]

Be Proactive With Your Remodeling Prospects and Especially Those That You Have Done an Estimate or Consultation For

One of the worst things that can happen in any business is investing time with someone (a prospect) who you feel is worth it, and doing a free estimate (or even a paid one) and not getting the job.  First of all, please don't … [Continue reading]

5 Simple Secrets to Reduce Stress in Your Remodeling Business and Slow the Chaos

Nothing I am about to share with you here is rocket science. But if you apply these 5 strategies everyday in your remodeling business, I guarantee you will reduce your stress level, increase your ability to focus, and slow the chaos (or at least … [Continue reading]

Focusing on Production and Ignoring Your Marketing is Dangerous

I was consulting with a potential client today on one of our Free Strategy Sessions. Things were going really well and we were able to identify some key areas of his business that needed attention. At one point in the call he actually stopped and … [Continue reading]

The Old Ways of Doing Business Are Dead…and Why You Need to Shift to Survive

The opportunity to absolutely dominate your local remodeling market is still wide open in every major geographic area across the US and Canada, yet so many remodeling businesses struggle immensely each and every year. This is partly due to … [Continue reading]

What a Mr. Electric Franchise Can Teach Us About Marketing and Building a Real Remodeling Business

When it comes to taking a typically boring, predictable, and fragmented remodeling market and turning it into a nationwide powerhouse, The Dwyer Group - specifically their Mr. Electric franchise - is a company you should be paying close … [Continue reading]