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Grow Your Facebook Fan Page With These Social Media Marketing Tips

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A Facebook fan page is a form of social media marketing that can be beneficial for any type of business. Businesses of all types can reap the rewards of communicating with their fans and potential customers through Facebook.

Your business may be a service like building homes or selling products on a website or even blogging. Whatever you business is Facebook can help you reach out to your audience, communicate with others who hold similar goals and values and spread the word about your business.

According to Facebook's press room, they have more than 500 million active users and those users are spending over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook. Using a Facebook fan page to capture the attention of even a small selection of these users could have a major impact on your business.

Use the following tips to improve your social media marketing, grow your Facebook fan page and convert those fans into customers:

1. Advertise your Facebook fan page on your business webpage. Make the Facebook icon large and hard to miss. Making sure your current customers are fans is your first task.

2. Add your fan page link into all of your correspondence. Your Facebook page as well as any other social media sites you maintain such as Twitter or LinkedIn should be clear and easy to see at the bottom of all the emails you send.

3. Bribery is a terrific way to grow your fan base. Offer fans a constant discount or giveaway a large store credit to a random fan when your fan base reaches xx number of fans. Tempt them to join in by promising future sales and promotions exclusive to Facebook users.

4. Offer reciprocation to other fan pages you like. Post on their wall and tell them you like them and what you do. It's a polite way of asking them to like you back.

5. Email your current database and spread the word about Facebook and why they should join, (Insert bribe here.) Make it easy for them to like your page.

6. Once you've grown that fan base talk to them. Share upcoming product arrivals, offer Facebook exclusive discounts and deals and respond to criticism and compliments professionally.

When used correctly Facebook is an extremely valuable social media marketing tool. Follow these steps and let your fan page help grow your business!

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