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Five Tips to Enhance Your Email Marketing

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Email marketing is a great way to reach your target audience. However it can be easy to get lazy with your email marketing and just continue to send the same messages and offers to your list. Here are a few tips to shake things up a bit and get some better results.

1. Organize and Target
Sure, you're making sure all bounced email addresses and opt-outs are removed from your list but that isn't going to cut it for list maintenance. Periodically you want to go through your list and evaluate the results. Is there a group of names on your list who haven't taken any action from one of your emails in months? Try a new message to get them involved again. If this doesn't work consider removing them. At the same time look for other ways you can group your list to make your message more effective. This is called segmentation.

2. Increase Segmentation
It is very easy to send one email out to your whole list. But your email message can be so much more desirable to  our reader if you make it specific to them. Consider breaking your list up by geography, demographics (i.e. men and women or under 50 and over 50), shopping frequency, job title or spending amount. These are examples of valuable information you may have about your audience. Use it to your advantage.

3. Revise Your Opt-In Methods
People receive more emails than ever before. Why would they want to sign up for another one? You need to offer an opt-in incentive such as money savings or valuable information that is going to catch attention. Consider paring down the information you require during sign-up so you don't scare anyone away. Give ample opportunity to sign up for emails from you on your website.

4. Format For Minimal Visibility
Emails today are being viewed quickly in a small reading pane or on a mobile device or with no imagery at all. You want to make sure you design your emails to get the message across under all of these circumstances. One image should not carry your entire message or it will be lost on some viewers.

5. Use Social Media to Further Involve Email Recipients
Social media is continuing to grow. Include links to all your social media pages within your emails. Provide incentive for email recipients to start interacting with you through social media. Social media marketing is a powerful tool that goes hand in hand with email marketing.

Incorporating all of these tactics into your email marketing can increase the success of your campaign as well as the quality of your audience.

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