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Find Your Social Voice Before Launching a Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Social media marketing is something that makes a lot of business owners nervous. There is some concern about the kind of feed back they will receive from their audience and unsure how they should speak to them.

Every social media marketing campaign needs to have a defined voice. The voice used in the social media world should reflect the same feeling your company uses for your website, any written materials, email campaigns, press releases and any other document by your company. It is important for your marketing to have a cohesive feeling throughout and all are intertwined.

In the event that several people participate in your social media marketing campaigns you need to make sure they all understand how best to represent the voice of your company.

For some companies it may make sense to allow all employees or executives within the company to participate in the social media posts. If they will be sharing personal reflections and interests in the business and industry they should sign their name to the posts. This allows for the writing styles to differ but the overall voice of the company should be upheld.

Allowing employees to participate in the social media marketing can help increase the content on your social media profiles. It is very important to create a social media policy document that outlines what can and can’t be said when representing the company online. The best social campaigns we have seen are typically those that have several voices contributing to the conversation – from marketing to sales to upper management and even your IT department.

The point of SMM is to expand your communications with your audience. Simply advertising the benefits of using your business and it's services is not enough. Pushing your company will not get your any followers. When employees point out their recent industry findings, ask for customer feedback/opinions and share industry news it can make for a really interesting and vibrant social media page.

However you handle the social media marketing in your company keep in mind the voice behind your brand and carry that through your SMM efforts.

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