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Attention Remodeling Business Owners? Does This Sound Like You??

To: Remodeling and Home Improvement Business Owners
From: Ryan Paul Adams CEO/President of PME 360

Portland, Maine

Ryan Paul Adams

Running a remodeling and home improvement business is not easy, but often times we are our own worst enemies when it comes to trying to build a "real" business.

You probably have struggled for years becoming overwhelmed (and maybe a bit obsessed?) with production/project related issues and have failed to understand the #1 secret that can eleviate most of your problems and get you UN-STUCK.

I know because I have been there and I understand your pain and your struggle....but there is a better, easier way if you are open to listening.

Running a remodeling business is just plain tough!

And the public's overall trust of the remodeling industry and contractors is getting worse by the day. This isn't fair to the good guys and gals like you and me, but it is what it is....and this actually plays perfectly into your hands if you know how to harness this correctly.

I searched high and low for many years for answers to my biggest business problems and was not getting anywhere. There had to be a better way.....

So I personally invested thousands of hours and over a $100,000 of my own money to figuring out what the best kept secrets are to running a successful remodeling business. 

I was completely stunned to realize that I had been doing things backwards for all those years, and the secret to real success in my remodeling business was to flip my business on its head and completely refocus my energy and time into one key area of my business.

The key area I am referring to and the #1 secret that completely transformed my life and my business was.......MARKETING! 

But not just any marketing, a very specific kind of marketing that would quickly allow me to generate 6-12x's return in a relatively short period of time. I was despearate, I didn't have time to waste 2 or 3 years to figure this out.

It had to happen now! 

Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two- and only two-functions. Marketing and Innovation. Marketing and innovation produce results, all the rest are costs.-  Peter Drucker

The biggest mistake I was making (and most of us make) is that we focus on production and getting projects done and neglect marketing and innovation (Yes, you need to be innovative as a remodeler to survive long term).

We get "too busy" doing the things we feel are important, like getting jobs done and making sure we meet payroll for the month....and then a terrible thing happens....OUR BUSINESS COMES TO A SCREECHING HALT!

Or worse, our business slows down and aggressive competitors get YOUR customers and a slew of new referrals that you should have received. 

Think about it....marketing is the single most important thing in our business. It is what brings us new prospects, new projects (if we can sell), and new revenue.

Without these 3 things we have nothing and we need enough of those 3 key pieces to survive and to build a thriving business. 

#1 Reason That Most Remodeling Businesses FAIL

The #1 Reason most remodeling businesses FAIL is not because the quality of the service is poor, it is because they ran out of money! And remodeling businesses run out of money because they don't have enough revenue. Think about it....Remodelers are usually NOT great marketers but the ones that are (the 5% minority), and those that have invested into developing a marketing system, are killing it in their local markets and rarely go out of business.

Most remodeling businesses are run by tradesmen and tradeswomen who are typically very smart and extremely hard-working people, but they often have NOT been taught by anyone as to how to generate a stable flow of new leads, new projects, and consistent predictable income year after year.

They have NO marketing system they can rely on....NONE! This isn't your fault but it is time to change this and that change starts today. 

This to me is a shame because so many of you have a great service that if enough of the right people knew about it, you would not only be helping a lot of great people get work done on their homes, but you would be helping yourself, your family, and all the people that depend on you to make a living in a really big way. 

Please STOP and Ask yourself....

Don't you owe it to yourself and all the people who depend on you to grow your remodeling business? 

How can staying where you are benefit anyone, including yourself? 

Don't you want to prove everyone wrong that you can make it, that you can be a big success? 

Will your top competitors stop growing and where will that leave you? 

Reading beyond this point won't make much sense if the questions I just asked don't ignite a fire inside of you. If you don't have that fire in your belly that all the great successful people have, nothing I can show you or give to you will make any difference to your business or to your life. That is the reality of the situation. 

But, if you answered YES to those questions...continue and I will do my best to provide you with the answers you need to grow your business and live the life you have always dreamed about.

Remodeling Markets Are Ready to Explode! 

The GREAT NEWS is that you're in the right industry, with remodeling markets set to explode! Large amounts of wealth will be created in the remodeling industries for those who stay focused and know how to market and get the money.

The BAD NEWS is that it isn't getting any easier to compete, and the old way of doing business is quickly dying. Not to mention that running a remodeling business is just plain tough! And add on top of that all of this:

  • OSHA Clamping Down
  • Workers Compensation and Insurance Prices Increasing
  • Tougher Industry Regulations and Licensing
  • Cut Throat Fly-By-Night Competitors Stealing Your Clients
  • Your Real Competitors Seem to Be Getting More Business Than You and Stealing Your Clients
  • Your Business Seems Stuck and You Can't Seem to Grow, Hire, or Get Consistent Leads Because You Have Way Too Much On Your Plate Already
  • And to end it all....you have a prospect base that thinks contractors are all crooks and cheats and are dead scared to hire anyone to do anything for them after the last guy ripped them off. 

And if relying 100% on referrals is your idea of building a real business, please don't kid yourself. Don't get me wrong, referrals are extremely important, but can you build a sustainable, successful business that is entirely referral-based? No, It is not predictable and it's not systematic. I have yet to see this be done successfully without any other lead generation or direct response marketing. 

I told you this wasn't easy and that you are up against some tough issues in your business. But you are in this because you love it and you want to be the best at it. The question is...how are you going to really capitalize on it? How are you ever going to grow enough that you don't have to be in the middle of everything? 

7 Secrets to Achieving Rapid Success in Your Remodeling Business

Well, you can read on, or you can download a Free copy of my book:

 "7 Secrets to Achieving Rapid Success in Your Remodeling Business" and I can guarantee that you will learn 2 or 3 key things that will add a ton of value to your business.

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It's NOT the Economy, But You Are Up Against Some Tough Stuff!

The economy was a bit rough there for awhile and the real estate market took one of the worst hits we have seen in decades, maybe since the great depression. Remodeling indexes have shown that overall, yes, the economy was affecting the remodeling market, but there was still plenty of business to be had for those who knew how to get it.

The Shady Competition: Your shady competition is making your life miserable! Let me explain...our society, in large part, distrusts contractors. Too many people have been ripped off by lousy work or outright theft, like a shady contractor walking off with deposit money. This has made most people extremely wary when they're out looking to hire a remodeling contractor. Their guard is most definitely up! Flat out, they are DEAD SCARED to hire you and make the wrong decision. Talk about getting NO respect! Believe me, I know and lived it for the first few years I was in the business.

There is little to nothing you can do about these competitors if your prospects get ahold of them first. Nothing. But your "shady" competitors are NOT your biggest concern. Your biggest concern is the "real" competitor. While the rest of the remodeling world complained about the economy, prospects wasting their time, and how tough it was to make a living, my remodeling clients (the "real" competition) continued to be aggressive and steal away market share from those who sat at home complaining.

Even in the seasons where they typically experienced a slow-down, they continued to drive a steady lead-flow and land new projects.

Rarely, if ever, were my clients the cheap provider. They were almost always and continue to be the most expensive in their market. 

How did they do it? They took unproductive marketing dollars and reinvested them online, utilizing reputation, brand and personal positioning marketing, and used proven systems to kill it in some of the most competitive places in the country.

One client was able to cut $50,000 in marketing in only 6 months after working with me. In addition, they were able to generate TWICE the amount of leads AND a higher quality lead to boot!

The Shift to Online Marketing. It's Not Just About a Web Site!

You Need an "Unfair Advantage" That Will Make Your Competition Fear You.

Having a website is typical for most remodeling and home improvement businesses, but having a complete marketing system that produces hundreds, if not thousands, of leads per year is the "Unfair Advantage" YOU DESPERATELY NEED.  Not only for your immediate and long-term profit generation, but as the core of building your business (your business is an asset - remember that!) so that you can sell it someday and cash out. 

The shift to online marketing is NOT just about a website. You need another website like you need to work more hours. It simply isn't what you should be looking for. You need the right knowledge and the right marketing systems for your remodeling business to grow and flourish. And you must have instant credibility to gain the trust of your best prospects, because the rest of the industry isn't doing you any favors. 

The Right Knowledge, At the Right Time....to Help You Generate More Profits. Guaranteed. 

It is my goal to be that "Unfair Advantage" for your remodeling business. I'll power you with the "right knowledge" at the right time for your remodeling and home improvement business, along with time-tested marketing and sales systems that work 100% of the time.

Stop buying advertising and start investing in marketing systems and knowledge that are proven to work. Most of this information I give away for free on this site!


Because I honestly love helping hard working people and I get paid a lot to do this from my current clients. They also say that if you love something enough, you should be willing to do it for free. Well I do love what I do, and I am passionate enough about it that I am willing to do some of this for free.

Sharing information is all about paying it forward. My family has been in the remodeling business for over 35 years, and I see any opportunity to share what I've learned as the right thing to do.

I've invested over $100,000 in my education (after college!) and spent thousands of hours devouring books, seminars, webinars, courses, articles, podcasts and more so that I can be the best at what I do. And what I do is help remodeling businesses like yours grow steadily, or rapidly if that is what you desire. 

  • 75% of you will never use one thing I teach you to improve anything in your business and your life. And that's ok. I am not here to help everyone and to be honest, my time is so maxed out as it is, I cannot help everyone anyway. 
  • 20% of you will learn a thing or two from me and will use it to generate some additional profit and freedom in your business.
  • 5% will really want to grow and succeed, and I'll work closely with a handful of you to make sure you achieve the success you envision. 

You Can Make More Money With Your Remodeling Business Than You Ever Thought Possible By Learning and Following Instructions and Applying ACTION.


Get Free Instant Access to My Book "7 Secrets to Achieving Rapid Success in Your Remodeling Business". The knowledge I am about to share with you is extremely important in laying the proper foundation for your future success with your business. I won't flood your inbox every day for the next year but I will give you Free instant access to the Book in PDF format. 

7 Secrets to Achieving Rapid Success in Your Remodeling Business

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I can't guarantee that reading this email series will make you an overnight success, but if you apply the information I lay out for you, you will grow, you will get more leads, and you will become the clear leader in your local market. 

I hope we get to talk personally at some point, as I love to get to know all of my readers. Maybe we can even work together...you never know!

Best of Luck and Keep In Touch,

Ryan Paul AdamsRyan Paul Adams